Which Statin Has The click this link Least Amount Of Side Effects?

There’s research being done to connect people with underlying metabolic disorders and muscle damage due to statins. For 15 years now, I live with severe pain daily,in my legs,arms, shoulders,neck and back. I’ve also noticed my hearing seems to be getting worst along with my vision. The muscle cramps,spasms,weakness, headaches and numbness in my legs and arms are so bad that I don’t think I want to live to be a ripe old age. It will only get worst and with age comes even more aches and pains, how much can someone take?

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  • The WHO has turned down requests from Fedson to include statins in trials to treat patients infected with SARS-CoV-2.
  • Thus, I may feel better without the statin even if the drug is not responsible for my symptoms.
  • A statin is a class of drugs that are mainly used to lower cholesterol levels in the body.
  • However, the results of the recentmetaanalysis, published in the Lancet, have been used to argument that treatment of low risk patients may indeed be cost effective.
  • So I’m more inclined to think that it’s inflammation than cholesterol.
  • I now have 50% kidney function after nearly two years which my doctor said he had never seen before after being so long ESRD and then at about 30% function for more than a year.

Results are usually seen after four to six weeks of taking statins. Statins have been studied extensively and click this link overall have been proven to decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, death, and other coronary artery diseases that are related to high cholesterol levels. Statins inhibit the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which controls the rate of cholesterol production in the body.

Which Statin Is Less Likely To Cause Muscle Pain?

I did some research on my own and I believe it is the statin drug that has caused this. The doctor told me to stop the statin on May 14, 2011 for one month and see what happens. I’ve read a lot about people taking statin and other related drugs that lower the cholesterol level. Most of them complained about the side effects of this drug. After taking statins for a number of years, I started to suffer from myalgia, redness in the neck , loss of memory and fatigue. After a few weeks from quitting taking statins, I recovered completely allowing me to start exercising.

How Do Doctors Decide Who Is Prescribed A Statin?

Also I never suffer from Gout Attacks before, but now I do. Statin cause my Uric Acids to go off the charts causing gout Attacks for 3 painful weeks-the worst pain ever. I never ever drink alcoholic drinks, and eat very little red meat, or shellfish food which also might cause Gout attacks over a life time.

What Are Statins And How Do They Work?

I have been off the statins for 8 months now and no improvement. My Doctor tells me that the muscle damage is permanent. I was put on 400 mg of L-carnitine, 400mg CQ10,vitamin B, B12,1,000mg of C, 400E, and 200D. If you have unexplained muscle pain, and are taking a Statin drug,see a genetic specialist that specializes in metabolic diseases.I was so overwhelmed to finally have my pain validated with a diagnosis that I cried for 3 days.

About 38% of adults in the United States have high cholesterol. High-density lipoprotein is a “good” type of cholesterol because it helps clear LDL from the body. A diagnosis of high cholesterol only refers to the amount of LDL cholesterol. Although scientists have known for several decades that grapefruit juice can cause too much of certain drugs in the body, more recent studies have found that the juice has the opposite effect on a few other drugs. Lowering cholesterol by taking statins presents a somewhat better picture, because statins seem to have effects beyond lowering cholesterol.

Plus, it’s grapefruit and pomegranate juice proof and has a short elimination half-life. Honestly, getting your cholesterol checked isn’t really a big help. Most doctors won’t do any test more in depth than a TCO with calculated HDL and LDL, no particle count, no IDL, VLDL, etc… Even if you did have the option of getting a proper particle count, etc. it is still so/so. Cholesterol is not the criminal here and higher cholesterol is actually correlated with LOWER total mortality.

Maximizing Efficacy And Addressing Shortcomings Of Conventional Cancer Therapy

I had carotid imaging done and found significant plaque build up. As much as I do not want to go on a statin, I am now on atorvaststin 20mg, plus zetia and my LDLp number is now 1020 down from a high of 2500. My lipidologist will be checking carotid plaque build up every 2-3 years because statistically cannot see changes over time measured closer together than that. I am suspicious of the drug industry, having read about the corruption and misleading data that is out there . I went to a lipidologist expert and have chosen to take his advice on starting a statin because I have clinical atherosclerosis and am at high risk of stroke and heart attack with LDLp sky high not on treatment. I maximized my diet with low carb, lower fat and exercise and it was not enough.