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Only about the size of a silver dollar, these are great for taking along on trips to the park. Commercial insect traps are available to reduce overall insect populations in the yard. While these can be effective deterrents, use them sparingly so you do not disrupt the insects’ place in your yard’s ecosystem.

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  • Glass feeders can be wash in dishwasher so that adds convenience too.
  • Designed for all types of birdseed for a variety of birds, this feeder is affordable, making it the best bang for the buck.
  • Keep your hummingbird feeders up all year in Utah in the Southwest corner .
  • Reviews of top feeder brands such as Perky Pet, First Nature, Aspects, Gnome and More Birds are included.

Also, they are convenient to reach for those that aren’t able to frequently retrieve hanging feeders from gutters and tree branches. Owning a window feeder has more benefits than you could imagine. It can provide magical moments for your entire kitchen household at many times throughout the day. Observing these magical little birds can give you some great moments of pleasure and help relieve the stress of every day living. I have been feeding birds on my porch and small front yard for 2 years. This is the 3rd winter that I have put out several feeders.

Feeder Maintenance

That one, however was destroyed in a fight between two blue jays. We liked it enough to replace it with the same product. These is evidence that bleach accelerates leaching of BPA from polycarbonate plastic. No one, as far as I know, has studied its effects on birds.

Q Is Glass Or Plastic Better For A Hummingbird Feeder?

The vegetation around your feeder can also lure hummingbirds. Simply hanging baskets of red flowers nearby may spur the birds’ initial interest. Hummingbird-attractive flowers not only provide nectar for the hummers, but also attract insects for them to eat.

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If squirrels try to walk across the wire, they will fall. Acrylic or Plexiglass is most often used on window sill feeders and is usually clear. Bird feeders that are menat to hand are almost always made from a wire mesh. These type of feeders are vulnerable to rust so be sure the feeder is coated with a rust resistant material.

It features Easy Fill & Clean with a 3 inch wide opening and silicone gaskets for Leak Free fit. All glass, silicone and flower ports are dishwasher safe. This feeder comes with a hanging chain and decorative powder-coated perching ring that enables hummingbirds to perch while feeding. THE ONLY Hummingbird Nectar and Recyclable Feeders 100% All-Natural!

Birds will often come to your feeder, grab some seed, then fly off to a tree to eat it. These predators often stalk bird feeders for a quick meal. Place the feeder high enough off the ground so that the birds do not have to worry about being stalked by ground predators such as cats and dogs.